Overcomers’ Support Group

This adult gathering is made of up those individuals who pass through the intake process successfully and present themselves as capable of interacting and thriving in a group setting. We focus on the spiritual, emotional and relational needs of the participants as we seek to understand our sin nature and Father’s calling on our lives as His sons and daughters. Worship, Bible study, and prayer are all a part of our group meetings. Healthy discussions challenge participants to grow in God’s wisdom and truth as it relates to their sexuality and overall Christian walk.

Family & Friends Support Group

This group is for spouses, parents, siblings, adult children and friends of those who are gay-identified, or who are troubled by unwanted samegender attractions. Through group discussions using our curriculum, CD teachings, and DVD presentations, participants in this group learn how to express God’s love and care to those loved ones, in ways those blessings can best be received, without sacrificing their Biblical beliefs. You may find that there is a lot more freedom to maneuver in this area than you might initially think.

Individual One-on-One Lay-Counseling

Lay-counseling sessions are required for our Overcomer participants, which is vital to maturity as a child of God and to the overcoming journey. Because accountability is a significant part of the process, the lay-counselor/counselee relationship is often very different than other relationships, as ministry participants talk openly and freely about areas of their lives that are often sensitive and painful. In time, participants learn to trust their Heavenly Father to bring healing and restoration to their brokenness through these sessions. We commit to our participants to listen, discern, observe and point them towards Father’s will for their lives, and most importantly to express Father’s love, which He has, and has demonstrated, for them. Abba’s Delight also provides lay-counseling to willing teens who have engaged us for ministry jointly with their parents. Lay-counseling is also available to those in our Family & Friends Group upon request.


Abba’s Delight does *not* work with minors against their will. When parents/guardians present a child who is unwilling to participate in our services, there is no acceptance into our program. The minor must be completely willing to engage his/her process.
Abba’s Delight also does *not* work with minors without parental/guardian consent.

Abba’s Delight Library

Our ministry maintains a library of books, CD’s, DVD’s, articles, pamphlets, etc.—all devoted to understanding the homosexual condition and its many distinctions. We use a simple check-out/check-in system, and have duplicates on many of the items in our supply.


Abba’s Delight staff and participants welcome the opportunity to share our testimonies of the Lord’s overcoming process at church services, prayer gatherings, clubs, youth groups, Bible studies, etc. Abba’s Delight also conducts workshops and seminars on all topics relating to homosexuality and sexual purity. For more information on how we can serve you in this, contact us.