It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes. Psalm 118:8,9

By now, we are all getting used to the new jargon, a new normal way of life. Covid-19, social distancing, hoarding, self-isolation, pandemic, PUI as a person under investigation, quarantine; these are all terms being batted around by the government, medical community and society just within the last couple of months and have become quite commonplace in our daily conversations. A situation we all hope and pray is a temporary one, and the shorter the better.

Daily news conferences held by our president, governors and mayors all reflect the seriousness of this disease’s spreading; and how important it is for each citizen young and old to use wisdom in our socialization and in our hygiene. Hotlines have even been set up so that if we see someone who is not following the guidelines as we see fit, we can call in and report the individual(s)to the authorities.

There are also those who espouse theories about what they believe the government is trying to do to our society in setting up these restrictions. Some of them are tied to the establishment of Martial law. Other theories are tied to the Biblical end time matters like the mark of the beast, one world government,and the antichrist.

Regardless of what the culture may or may not do and say, as Christ followers our directives from the Scriptures are clear. We are to pray for our government leaders according to 1 Timothy 2:1,2in an attitude of submission, as all authority is placed there by God and established by Him per Romans 13:1.And we are to do so without complaining. At the same time, our trust is not in those He has placed in authority, but in the Lord Himself who rules over each of those He has placed.He is our source, He is our Redeemer, He is our Protector, He is our shield, He is our fortress, He is our Deliverer, He is our salvation.

Many are out of work with no savings or income during this time, or are working and have childcare issues because of daycare shut downs. These situations give us an important opportunity to trust the Lord for His provision, and to care for one another both practically and financially.While the government may step in to aid, it must be the Lord on whom we depend.

It is the Body of Christ, the Lord’s representation on earth,who should be leading the way and setting the example for the culture in helping all people get through these challenging days.What can you do to serve? It’s time to get creative with the Holy Spirit’s help. What are you doing to serve within the confines of societal restrictions?Ask God; He will show you.

May Father’s will be done. May His blessings flow to all, and may all who have yet to encounter the Savior Jesus Christ be brought to Him this day.