Human Sexuality Platform


  • We believe God created man and woman as separate and distinct beings, made in Their (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) image as part of His original design and intent. We acknowledge that our bodies belong to God, not ourselves.
  • We believe sexuality is a gift from God, not a right. Like everything in life, that gift should be stewarded carefully for His glory and honor.
  • As Biblically stated, we believe expressions of sexuality according to God’s plan are reserved for married couples; that is, one man married to one woman. Therefore, any other sexual expression, whether individually or with another person, is outside of God’s will, and constitutes sin, whether the other person is of the same sex or the opposite sex.
  • We believe homosexual acts fall outside of God’s will for Biblical sexuality.
  • We believe no one chooses to be same-sex attracted, just as no one chooses to be opposite-sex attracted. Attractions just are! However, we also believe that our God-given free will allows us to choose how we will use our gift of sexual expression either to follow His plan, or reject His plan. We believe one way leads to life, the other to death.
  • We do not hold to a genetic link being a possible cause for homosexuality. Though scientific studies have been made, there has been no definitive proof to surface whatsoever. Therefore, we believe the claim “I was born this way,” to be a deception.
  • We acknowledge that demonic activity over a Christian believer can influence one towards sinful behaviors, which can become addictive, especially in the area of sexuality. However, Abba’s Delight does not practice deliverance ministry or exorcisms.
  • We believe gender development, whether homosexual or heterosexual (or other variances), occurs as a part of a child’s early development process, between healthy relating with one’s own gender, starting with his or her parents then further developing or further hindered in peer relationships.
  • We believe that change is possible, and that there are many kinds and degrees of change as one journeys towards sexual purity. We acknowledge that often those looking for change are looking to be turned from homosexual to heterosexual with no lingering effects. Though I have personally never met anyone who fits this exact description, I certainly wouldn’t wish to put God in a box and make the claim that He could not bring it about.
  • We believe the goal for our sexuality should be holiness and purity, regardless of our marital status or at what point we are along the journey.
  • We do not seek to change an individual’s attractions or orientation, and we will not make promises that such will happen.
  • But we also believe that finding sexual purity is available to those who submit their lives and wills to God’s leading for Him to begin His process of change however He sees fit, according to His plan and purpose for each individual. Practical steps such as confessing your sin; repentance; being open, transparent, honest and truthful, and accountable; seeking the Lord to find identity in Him; God will use all these things to bring maturity to the believer’s life, including the area of sexuality.